Frequently asked questions

How do i book multiple classes during the week?
You can book multiple classes via the calendly link that was attached in your registration email. Alternatively you can message one of the admin staff and they will aid you in your request.
how many students will there be in group classes?

We keep our group classes small to allow students to fully benefit from their time. Each group will have between 2 to 5 students.

    what qir'at will i be learning online?
    As default all students will be taught Hafs, unless specified otherwise.
    How are the fees paid?
    School fees are paid weekly at the beginning of every week either through our invoice or bank transfer. You will receive a confirmation of payment and receipt.
    The fees are:
    • £10 registration fee 
    • £10 per private class
    • £5 per group class
    how are the group classes grouped?
    Group classes are held between 17:00 – 20:00. You will be grouped based on your Quranic ability. 
    how do i join my classroom?
    Once you’ve been allocated to a class, you will receive a google classroom invitation where you will access the link to join your classroom with your teacher. 
    Please keep an eye on your google classroom as this is where you will receive any important announcements as well as any homework. 

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