You get 6 months permit out of 12 months per year.

To maximise this, bring the car after June 1st to receive a permit till January and then re-enter to receive a permit till June. Thus completing 12-months cumulative.

After this you must either sell the car (only to a EU/UK License holder) or drive it out of the country. If you change the vehicle V5C to your spouse’s name the vehicle may be brought back in legally.



MOT certificate

Driving Licence


Morocco entry card


Cars older than 5 years from the date of entry are subject to a 60% import tax. (Not worth it). A car less than 5 years old is subject to a standard 20% tax with excess on top depending on the size of the engine & car.

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residence permits:

The 3 main ways to attain one:

1. Establish a business in Morocco that you can show trading activity and at least 100,000dh (~£8000) in the bank.

2. Have a Moroccan spouse.

3. Purchase a property.

Starts as 1 year, renewal to 3, then 5 and 10 years.